Exploring The Connections Between
People & Places

People & Places is for urban planners, housewives, architects, politicians, town council members, builders, anthropologists, sociologists and any student of human nature. John and Margaret Myers' backgrounds in architecture and child psychology, respectively, inform their groundbreaking treatise on the effects of place on individuals and society.

In exploring the reciprocal connections between humans' physical and psychological landscapes, People & Places offers a blueprint for those who want to understand their own connection to places they especially value and the deep-rooted source of these life-defining attachments. Through the study of what makes a person, drawing on developmental psychologist Erik Erikson's work, particularly his "eight ages of man," the book explores our early and lifelong needs and then relates these needs to places.

This book follows multiple case studies from planning through implementation stage by which the authors show how awareness of human need has empowered successful urban planning.

  • For urban planners, architects, landscape artists, builders, anthropologists, and anyone with an interest in exploring the interaction between our psychological and built environments
  • Connects the fields of architecture and psychology
  • More than 150 illustrations depicting the psychological constants between diverse cultures
  • Explores the design processes of award-winning architects

People & Places looks to the present state of place making, its precedents from the past, and the rapid cultural changes that leave us without precedents for the postindustrial electronic age. The Myers suggest that, as we look to the future, we need to value the past so we can make harmonious and continuous communities that are places for people in the future.


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